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International Conference on Applied Business and Economics
ICABE 2016: Université Paris X Nanterre La Defence, PARIS
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ICABE 2015 is proud to welcome the Academy of Athens Award Winning Academic Journal of the University of Piraeus "SPOUDAI" as co-organizers of the ICABE 2015.

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Organizing Committee Print E-mail

The ICABE International Organizing Committee is:


  1. Jean Pierre Allegret, Professor of Economics, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, FR
  2. Dionysios Chionis, Professor of Economics, Democritus University of Thrace, GR
  3. Dan Claudiu Danisor, Professor of Law, Rector, University of Craiova, RO
  4. Nikos Georgopoulos, Professor of Strategy, Rector, University of Piraeus, GR
  5. John Malindretos, Professor of Finance, CC College of Economics, Finance & Global Business, William Paterson University, New Jersey, USA
  6. Tassos Malliaris, Professor of Finance, School of Economics and Finance, Loyola University Chicago, USA
  7. I. Tache, Professor, Vice Dean, European Chair Jean Monnet, Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Brasov, RO
  8. El Thalassinos, EDITOR ERSJ and IJEBA, Professor of International Economics, European Chair Jean Monnet in EMU, Department of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus, GR

 The local Organizing Committee is:

Jean-Pierre Allegret (Full Professor, EconomiX)
Alain Ayong Le Kama (Full Professor, EconomiX)
Jocelyne Barre (Administrative Staff)
Vincent Bouvatier (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Andreea Cosnita (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Cécile Couharde (Full Professor, EconomiX)
Dramane Coulibaly (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Elena Dumitrescu (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Eliane El Badaoui (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Florent Fremigacci (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Frédéric Hammerer (Administrative Staff)
Fatih Karanfil (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Eric Langlais (Full Professor, EconomiX)
Frédéric Lebiet (Administrative Staff)
Fabienne Llense (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Dominique Meurs (Full Professor, EconomiX)
Valérie Mignon (Full Professor, EconomiX)
Luc Désiré Omgba (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Abdou Rabba (Administrative Staff)
Lionel Ragot, (Full Professor, EconomiX)
Olivier Renault (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Véronique Robin (Administrative Staff)
Henrique Rodas (Administrative Staff)
Saïd Souam (Full Professor, EconomiX)
Elisabeth Tovar (Associate Professor, EconomiX)
Fabrice Tricou (Associate Professor, EconomiX),
Nasam Zaroualete (Administrative Staff)


  1. Ramona Rupeika-Apoga, Professor, Head of Finance Department, University of Latvia, LV
  2. Nikolaos Baltas, Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Athens University of Economics and Business, GR
  3. Theologos H. Bonitsis, Professor of Finance, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
  4. Slawomir I. Bukowski,  Professor of Economics, K. Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, PO
  5. Hardy Hanappi, Professor of Political Economy, Ad Personam Jean Monnet Chair for Political Economy of European Integration, IWM- Economics, University of Technology of Vienna, AT
  6. Kristis Hassapis, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Cyprus, CY
  7. Ioannis N. Kallianiotis, Professor of Economics, University of Scranton, USA
  8. Katarzyna Kalinowska, Lecturer in Economics, K. Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom, PO
  9. Savvas Katsikides, Professor of Sociology, European Chair Jean Monnet, University of Cyprus, CY
  10. Elena Popkova, Professor of Economics, Volgograd State University, RU
  11. Statty Stattev, D.Sc., Professor of Macroeconomics, Rector of the University of National and World Economy, BG
  12. Nikolaos Theriou, EDITOR IJEBSAR, Professor of Strategic Management, Department of Business Administration, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, GR

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