Organizing Committee

ICABE 2024, 20th Anniversary, 12-14 September 2024, University of Szczecin, Poland in cooperation with 12 Universities with 14 publishing options in international journals and special issues.

The ICABE International Organizing Committee is:


  • Dr. Hab. Kinga Flaga-Gieruszynska, Prof. US, Vice-Rector, University of Szczecin, Head of Research Assembly of Civil Procedural Law, Medical Law and New Technologies, Faculty of Law and Administration, POLAND,;  
  • Prof. Simon Grima, Vice-Dean, Faculty of Finance, Economics, Management, and Accountancy, University of Malta, MALTA,;  
  • Dr. hab. inż. Kesra Nermend, Prof. US, Director, Institute of Economics, University of Szczecin, POLAND;
  • Dr. hab. Malgorzata Latuszynska, Prof. US, Dean, University of Szczecin, POLAND,;
  • Prof. Dimitrios Maditinos, Coordinator Erasmus, Hellenic International University, GREECE,;
  • Prof. hab. Grațiela Georgiana Noja, Vice Dean, West University of Timisoara, ROMANIA,;
  • Dr. hab. Malgorzata Tarczynska-Luniewska, Prof. US, Institute of Economy and Finance, University of Szczecin, POLAND,;  
  • Dr inż. Mateusz Piwowarski, Institute of Management, University of Szczecin, Poland, e-mail:;
  • Prof. Eleftherios (El) Thalassinos, President ISMA, GREECE,